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Kiss Naturals

Our toys are designed for children aged six and up! Each kit makes a minimum of six final products. Six lip balms, six lip glosses, eight bath bombs, and sixteen mini hand soaps! Our kits are designed to be shared with others, which makes them a great option for birthday parties, sleepovers, and rainy days in with grandma and grandpa.
Kiss Naturals cares about the planet and about giving back to others. Each kit is designed to be upcycled after use (see our blog for tutorials), and $1 from the purchase of each kit on this website goes to benefit our partnership charity, The Shine Through The Rain Foundation.
Our kits are manufactured in the small town of Cowansville, Quebec under the guidance of David Jones. Each toy is hand-packed, labeled, and sealed with love!
In an effort to make our product eco-friendlier, we have reduced the amount of plastic in our kits considerably. Gone are the plastic trays and the little plastic spatulas. Instead, we will start packing each box with a reusable cotton cloth bag (the perfect size for legos or markers!), and a compostable wooden spatula.
We hope you’ll join us on our mission to #rethinkpackaging with #knupcycles!

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