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Benefits of Play

Play contributes to a child's physical, cognitive, social and emotional development, and if the play is open ended, imaginative, and creative it has the greatest impact on the child's growth. This belief guides our choices in the toys we carry, which is why you will find simple, basic toys that actually require the child to be fully engaged to enjoy them. Many of our toys are made of natural materials, especially those for young children. This is for health and safety concerns as well as environmental and aesthetic values. Wooden just feels better than their plastic counterparts!

A Store for All Ages

We strongly believe that play is important for all ages. George Bernard Shaw said "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." This is why we offer so many items for older kids and adults. It is so great to see adult and teen customers try on a goofy hat or play games at our demo tables. Often parents are very surprised to see that their 14 year old is not too old for toys! We also carry skill toys, games, puzzles and brainteasers that are great for grandmas and grandpas that want to exercise their brains or for families to play together.


Since opening the store in 2006 we have continually looked for ways to be eco-friendly.  You can see it in our product mix especially.  We look for brands that use natural, recycled or organic materials with manufacturers that operate with sustainable and socially responsible practices.  We also look for items made in the USA in order to decrease the items’ carbon footprint. We even consider each product’s packaging and try to discourage vendors from using clam shell plastic packaging or using unnecessarily large packaging to make their products look bigger.  We have always paid extra for Green Power from PSE and have eco-friendly lighting.  We use shopping bags from 100% recycled materials, BPA & BPS free receipt tape and use eco-friendly cleaning and gift wrapping supplies.  And of course we shop locally for our store, office and cleaning supplies whenever possible.



By providing a cheerful and welcoming space with interactive displays, we encourage our customers to linger and try out the toys and perhaps run into their neighbors. Our workshops, kids club activities, and special events add to this sense of community, and new friendships have blossomed as a result of them! We are committed to our greater community and contribute to over 60 non profit groups each year that benefit children, families, and the elderly. We have also enjoyed visiting local school classrooms and playing games with kids to promote our belief of the importance of play. 


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